City of Thieves

The back of the barracks

Charlie sat on the back of the wagon, legs swinging off the edge as they trundled away into the night. The Barber was lying between the stolen barrels, groaning loudly and leaking from several new holes that the military man had made with his shotgun. Crimson was sitting at the front of the cart with similar wounds, although he was being much less whiny about the whole thing. You would think the barber would be able to deal with the injuries, given his chosen specialty. Apparently he wasn’t as good at taking as he was with dealing.

Things hadn’t gone exactly as planned.
Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Charlie had executed everything exactly as Crimson had intended. Unfortunately there had been other contingencies involved in the final raid; namely two army men who had unfortunately had to be silenced and had done a fair bit of damage before they were taken down. And of course the Barber had been captured after he hadn’t done the job properly the first time around, so now he was hurt.

In a way it had been a good thing. Charlie had been able to quietly roll out everything they needed into the corridor entirely unhindered, whilst the two burly gentlemen fought with the officers. And Reno was fine, he’d been waiting on the other side of the wall with the wagon. Besides, everyone had survived, and they had got everything they had come for once the officers were dead. It hadn’t been that easy to get things over the wall with two injured people, but Charlie had held the illusion until they were done – not that any of the soldiers were paying attention anyway. From the sound of things the riot had been quite impressive. Charlie would have to come back in the morning and see the damage.

It was the Barber’s own fault the he was incompetent enough to get caught and then injured. Besides, if the officers hadn’t hurt him then Crimson probably would have done it instead. The big man didn’t seem to tolerate failure and he had a temper to back it up. It was an admirable trait, assuming you were also a competent leader. Hopefully he was, in the event that Harriet’s big event went to shit and they had to get out fast. If not, Charlie would be looking out for number one first.

Charlie’s legs swung back and forth as the wagon pulled away from the screams and flames into the darkness of the night. This would be interesting.


david_mcnee_05 Marlene

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