City of Thieves

Just dont make it a habit...

Well crap, I try s hard to live a life that whilst not actually good- in no way good, at least I generally try to veer away from the more serious crimes. However in the last couple of days I have murdered two nuns and a swineherd, okay not the first people I have killed and one was a genuine mistake but still I feel wrong and annoyed at myself. Well I guess I can put it down in part to the company I keep- they are crazy. Yes, they get the job done but they are worrisome people; Crimson Fucker (hard luck getting that as a handle) is proficient at simply breaking people down and killing them as a farmer on wheat, the knife is someone who seems to blur the lines between life and death a bit too much. babyface is the least murderous but she is still fairly violent and then there’s the barber- a man who has not been caught by the law due to being good with a blade and so mindnumbingly incompetent he wouldn’t normally be suspected.

So what led to the murderous tendencies who ask? Well as I am saying this in my head, noone did but oh well. We had the plan and the materials, so we needed a distraction to cause the guards to be duped. So I jokingly suggested we burn an orphanage and after some discussion we worked this as a viable plan- though unlike someones suggestion without the kids inside. So for added woe we added some pigs in as pigs cause the fire to grow stronger and simulate humans, so we robbed a swineherd of his pigs- did I need to kill him? no. Was it the best option? Probably, as otherwise we need to worry about him squealing on us or him dying from exposure. So we drugged the pigs and put them in the orphanage, after drugging a nun, and then went to ensure all other aspects of the plan were set. This went well. So we went to the orphanage to rescue the kids and start the fire- i was forced to shoot one nun to stop the alarm and beat aotherr nun with a pig (I honestly never thought I would say that). Me and crimson went about ensuring everything was set on the ground, whilst babyface and knife went getting the kids and the barber was off distracting guards. Turns out there was an unexpected complication from some crazy guy who wanted to steal the kids but the team dealt with him, whilst the barber led guards to us. He did take care of the guards but not well, though allowed more of the plan to progress.

So now we have robbed the facilities, have started to get the bombs in motion and will soon get a nice big payd…hmm the bomb seems to have already started, crap I may have messed up.


david_mcnee_05 gonky

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