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Following the death of Captain Tellier of the Mellanford Dragoons and the attack by riotous mob on the 17th City Barracks, the officer corp are taking notice of the recent unrest. Mounted squadrons now patrol the streets, aggressively breaking up groups before they can form and acting quickly to restore order.

Political ramifications of the riot are felt regardless. Several top officers are blamed, disgraced and removed from command. They are replaced with deeply patriotic members of the nobility whose bloodline and breeding are unquestioned but may be lacking in actual military skills.

A recent food scare has broken out over the sale of ‘tainted’ oats to city stables. The long-quoted observation that the rich treat their horses better than their servants is truer than ever, as supplies of more expensive grain are bought up to feed work and warhorses, whilst the people are left the ‘tainted’ oats. Rumours of terrible sickness spread wildly but seem impossible to verify.

Finally, rural workers travelling to the city this week spread fireside takes of the Beastman! This monstrous creature, part-animal, part-man, prowls the night, taking out its bloody fury on all men or horses that cross its path. Some say its was born of a mare up in the mountains where men lie with animals! It knows itself an abomination, and takes revenge against its mother’s and father’s bloodlines both. Beware his menacing spike!


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