The Kings

The Kings of Mellanford Key are the cities’ criminal bosses. They maintain a cruel grip on their authority despite constant scheming and border clashes. Should one die his (or her) territory would be swiftly divided amongst anyone strong enough to claim it.

Current list of Kings (in rough order of power)

King of Eyes: ‘Protects’ the cities’ most valuable estates, a recognizable figure who moves unhindered through all levels of society.

King of Broken Glass: A vicious killer, born in the gutter and expects to die there. His holdings are poor but vast, and his soldiers are loyal.

King of Coppers: Collects tithes from and provides favours for the cities’ merchants, moneylenders and financiers. The richest of the Kings but lacks reliable muscle.

King of Rubble: A powerful and charismatic figure amongst the working class, Rubble controls nearly all construction in the city. His opponents have been known to be caught in tragic collapses and sinkholes.

King of Filth: A self-made tycoon with a tight grip on the cities’ filthiest and most necessary functions. Stand in his way and you might end up drowned in shit, or fed to hungry pigs.

King of Gutters: Far better than any customs agent, Gutters exerts careful control over all passage into, out of, and around the city.

King of Rust: An ex-industrialist who tired of competing honestly, Rust now collects a percentage on any nut or bolt forged in the city.

King of Brine: A newcomer backed with unknown sources of gold, muscle and contacts, Brine has been forcing Rust out of the harbour territory.

King of Rats: A pure information-broker, Rats keeps out of conflict, and well out of the light.

The Kings

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