Gustav 'The Crimson Fucker' Strabo

He may not be tactful or charming, but he is brutally efficient (emphasis on "brutally")


Gustav’s mother used to tell him, “If you can’t do something smart, do something right”

Gustav Strabo wasn’t stupid, but neither was he exactly intellectual, and he lacked tact and etiquette entirely.
Freakishly tall from a young age, he was often subject to mockery while growing up – although any attempts at outright bullying were short-lived since he had matching strength to go with his size – and as an outcast he understandably struggled a lot with the concept of ‘right’.

The first thing he concluded on the matter was that survival took precedence over morality. To survive he needed to be quicker and stronger than his enemies – of which he had plenty already as a teen – and Shock and Awe went a long way for that. Sometimes that meant attacking people before they attacked him, which bothered Gustav at first, but not for long.

Frequent fighting meant that his clothes were more often than not covered in blood, his and his foes’ – to the point where it became all but pointless for him to wear anything but crimson, earning him the nickname “The Crimson Fucker”.

And so it came to pass that Gustav Strabo grew up into a scarred, scary, brute with a talent for destruction. As a young adult, he found that for the first time in his life his size and nature wasn’t a hindrance – in fact, it made him very fitting for certain jobs, jobs for which he already had much of the appropriate skill set. His conscience had been tempered and worn down for years, so he found he had no moral issues with these jobs – and in fact, on his first job, the first time he killed a man, he finally became at peace with his mother’s old saying.

“If you can’t do something smart, do something right” she had said.
He wiped the blood of his hands and looked down at his foe.
A dark gooey mess with splinters of bone was all that remained of the man’s head.
The Crimson Fucker spat. Do something right, eh? Whatever the fuck is right anyway?
He smiled as the realisation struck him.
“Might,” he said to the dead man. “Might makes right.”

Gustav 'The Crimson Fucker' Strabo

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