Charlie 'Babyface' Briggs


Charlie ‘Babyface’ Briggs is the best cat-burglar in the city. If you want something ‘relocated’, Charlie is your street rat. The ability to blend into any crowd and an utterly unmemorable face, combined with a dedication to the task and a willingness to find a way to move even large items makes this young thief an excellent worker – as long as you don’t mind signing a surprisingly tight contract, taking the chance that a few other items go missing and can accept that you might not get all your take at once.

Charlie has been part of Mellenford since birth. Born to a troupe of travelling performers, the city proved a far more lucrative opportunity than wandering the surrounding lands, even if it was higher risk. The troupe worked in teams; one part skilful and distracting performance, one part thieving operation. As such, Charlie is a skilled contortionist and rope walker, with a fondness for high places. Unfortunately the Briggs clan got a little too ambitious with their act and Charlie’s family were run out of town when their youngest child was just seven. Charlie was left behind in the ensuing scramble. Since then the youngster has been living alone on the streets, using finely honed talents to make ends meet. A fondness for rooftops and climbing in other people’s windows led easily to thieving work, and eventually a reputation that attracted the notice of bigger fish in the criminal world.

Charlie does not work for people who do not honour the contract that is always presented at deals. At first people didn’t take it seriously coming from a ‘child’, but that soon changed once the deal breakers realised that their ‘product’ had disappeared. In particular, Charlie does not work for the King of Eyes, who made it clear that he did not appreciate the street rats from the poor districts coming uptown. Although it was hard to keep the more skilled ones out, the King tolerated them and would not hesitate to turn against those who defy him. The other kings are much less high and mighty, however, and Eyes’ attitude means more than a few noble houses in his territory are missing valuables – although so far nothing that the owners would notice (or admit) was gone. Charlie only ever worked for Eyes once. Unfortunately it is hard to reclaim the product after contracts are broken when your client lives in a blimp, so the bad blood still lingers.

It is not clear whether Charlie is male or female, or what age. So far youth has been an advantage, allowing a reasonable passing as either sex thanks to a small build, flat chest and high voice. Charlie is comfortable masquerading as a boy or girl of a variety of ages depending on which way the wind blows, and it has been useful for keeping watchful eyes away. Age will surely reveal the truth however.

Charlie 'Babyface' Briggs

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